Dorset Dialect in the 21st Century

After our last post we received some very interesting feedback from various parties and one point that was made was that of what of other dialects?

It’s a fair point but we would say that if we support our own dialect before it’s to late and share our experiences with others then surely that can only be a good thing. From a personal point Dorset is what we know and have grown up with and as such we must attempt to save those parts of the Dorset heritage that we feel most strongly about, we are not suggesting for a moment that we have all the answers but at least we are trying to make a difference.

There is also an unexpected benefit from this project, that of oral history from senior members of our community from which we have learnt a great deal about crafts, family history and social interactions, secondly when we have visited places such as the Future Roots Gentlemen’s Club and recording conversations the people involved have benefited by social interaction, and a feeling that their experience of life matters to all of us. I should point out people like David England who is pictured below who has loved reciting his poetry to us, he used to create poetry in his head whilst at work and return home where his wife would write it down as David could not write.


We would like to see a time when the use of Dorset Dialect is accepted and encouraged as part of Dorset life again, there does seem to be a lot of interest as this blog as received over 2000 views since september 2014. We hope that you will continue to support us and follow this blog.


2 comments on “Dorset Dialect in the 21st Century

  1. After all before that people could write wasn’t all information, customs, stories, entertainment passed down from generation to generation orally. Why not ?

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